Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth

We have a missionary in our church who was in Peru for 40 years. He went back this summer for about 3 months, and he spoke in church tonight.

I do not remember any specific points, but it was inspiring to see a man of God, who had been faithful, continue to be so. He spoke of spiritual facts and they caused him to break out in laughter. He was so grateful for what God had done for him. It was awesome.

It made me think. The challenge was to serve God. To trust him. To not be afraid, but to stand with courage and boldness even if you are the only one.

And Ecclesiastes 12:1 came to mind. “Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth.” We are to remember who God is, and what He requires now. (I still claim youth, btw) ┬áNotice where this is found. The end of Ecc. where Solomon has discussed everything under the sun, and found it all vanity and vexation of spirit. ┬áThe conclusion of the whole matter found 12 verses down is to “fear God and keep his commandments.” (I may be posting more about the fear of God later…I am going to do a series in Sunday School on it.)

But we are to fear God now. Too many people wait. We hear in church about how we shouldn’t wait till we are older or seniors, etc, but I think my generation takes that and still puts it off. We assist in this feeling by not requiring kids to grow up. We excuse their behavior.

People think (I know, because I thought this way) that life doesn’t begin until later. “When I graduate high school things will change.” Yeah, they change, but life is now. Remember your Creator. “When I graduate college, then things will be different.” Remember your Creator now. “When I start a career, then I can find time for spiritual things.” Remember Him now. “When I get married, then I will have help, and can care more.” Remember God today. “When I have kids, I will teach them and do right so they do.” Remember now!!

I told last year’s seniors this. If I were to preach in chapel, this would be my message. Remember him now. Life is short, and it is from God: God, our Creator. I’m not going to prolong this by lecturing on what it means that He is our Creator, but think upon it.

Life is not ours, and the things we wait for to begin our lives are foolishness. High school, college, marriage, kids, career, anything. God doesn’t require any of them. God requires us to fear Him and keep His commandments.

My heart was burdened tonight, because I tell my kids at school this. I tell friends and other I counsel to remember Him now. And I try, but how many of us get into a rut of “remembering” and don’t actually remember? I know I do.

The point here in Ecc. 12 is that in our youth we can still serve God. It is too late to serve Him when you are ready to die. Serve Him now.

“Remember now thy Creator.”


One thought on “Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth

  1. Great post Dave. The beginning struck a chord with me and a thought process I’ve had lately. This isn’t a question really. Or even a statement. Just a… Wall of text with a thought sewn in. (?)

    A couple months ago I met an older Christian man who had that Santa Clause kinda of jovial Christianity. Where Gods work throughout his life made him smile and laugh as he would tell me the stories of his life and journesy. After the story, He’d explain the “God work” almost like a punch line a comedian would use. His faith was so “happy.” He was utterly amazed, awe struck and joyful even years later.

    That sounds redundant to a point. Faith should be “happy” I suppose. A paradigm shift for me in my life, faith and view of Christianity was when I was in High School. The options for High School in our town were a freakishly right wing (say I occult-esque) christian school, or a non-denominational A.C.E. school that was attached to a charismatic and “conservative Pentecostal.” This is where me and my brothers attended. The theology was always left for the parents and the home. We were never taught to roll around or speak in tongues etc. What it did due was force a sort of religious tolerance where “because that’s what my dad said the Bible said” didn’t fly… Because this other kids dad said speaking like a Jawa in church is sacred if you have an interpreter. It made the world and the challenges of truth and theology important and tangible. And it also taught me that some things aren’t really worth fighting. The old “Pick your Battles, but win the ones you pick” mind set came into play often during those years when theology came up with my peers.

    Back to my thought:

    Prior to any other experience outside of my immediate family and our church, I had no other with the umbrella term “Christianity,” My faith and just plain “religion” had been daunting. Dark, mysterious, militant, etc. Partly due to family and the lot of life I’ve been dealt.

    Since that time I’ve come across countless “Christians” from many denominations. Now, without delving into theology, semantics or even the Bible, I see so many true, God-fearing, Christ loving Christians who seem almost comatose and Zombie in their faith. Yes, they acknowledging his awesome presence, they toss out a quick thank you prayer, but the “HAHA! Wow! Can you believe what he’s blessed us with!?” is rarely seen. Getting to hear the “HOLY COW GOD IS AMAZING!” story from someone who’s life was changed by God is a heart wrenching and eye-opening and really makes you think (atleast it did me) how utterly small we are, how unfathomably big He is, and just how blessed and lucky we are to have a Creator and Savior pencil us in his cosmic schedule and care for us.

    I don’t know if that made any sense, but I’ve so interested and curious in those people who’s faith is so much more visible and less mental. Not the obnoxious it’s-6am-on-Saturday-and-here’s-a-Chic-tract sort of visible. But the kind where their walk is a little off, they won’t slam their belief’s down your throat but within a sentence you know that this person has been blown away by the power of Christ.

    My girlfriends car blew up completely out of the blue. We’re both scraping by and she NEEDS a car for work… And so do I. We were able to get her a new car 2 days later. No money in our pockets. Deals that make you take a triple-take because they make no sense that they could be so good. “HOLY COW… WE COULDN’T HAVE DONE THIS ALONE. GOD IS AMAZING!”

    Get pumped about your God and Saviour. Sure, we’ve read about him and heard about him our whole lives. To the point there’s probably not alot on the surface that we don’t have a grasp on. But dang… He’s amazing.

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