Well, here it is the end of the week, and I have not yet blogged. I do believe I have good reason. We recently bought a house which extended my driving time to/from work by about 2 hours each day. We have been spending all week working on making the house habitable, and then my school computer broke Wednesday. I was planning on blogging Thursday. Regardless, here I am.

In order to satisfy my self-imposed quota, I am going to borrow. I’m going to borrow two other posts that have resonated with me and which I already have drafts along the same thought line. Rather than write what has already been said, I will refer you to them with my sincere recommendation that you do visit and read these posts. This will allow me to borrow time for a substantive post of my own (next week).

(I realize I am using borrow in more of a general usage, rather than strict definition sense)

This first post, hit home with me. Not for the exact reason of not being able to sleep. I actually sleep soundly, but the pattern of apparent “sacrifice”, outward patience with others while inwardly seething, and complete selfishness hit me hard. I suspect that I am not the only one who falls into this pattern of sin.

The second one is another theme which I have had upon my mind quite a bit, and wish that more people understood it. Indeed, growing up, I had it backwards. I always invited people to church — the unsaved. I would share the Gospel when the opportunity arose, but I did not look for those opportunities. Instead, I made opportunities to invite to church. It is easier to relieve myself of the responsibility of that soul, and place it upon the church or pastor. This is not what the great commission is about though. We are to go out and win them. We are to witness. We are not just advertisements and marketers to get them in the door. The church is the house of God. The church is for the people of God. We are discipled here, but never in Scripture is it the primary location of salvation. Inviting people to church is fine, but it is not the pattern found in the New Testament.

Incidentally, there is a post further down on the removal of flags from the church auditorium. An interesting thing to consider.

For now, have a wonderful Lord’s day!


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