husband, father, homeowner — king and custodian of my castle

When I moved out of my house, I knew I would no longer be depending on my dad to fix everything. When I got married, I knew I was responsible for everything I broke, and everything my wife broke. When we got our Apt and the maintenance guys didn’t fix the small things, I did it. But nothing is quite the same as the responsibility of fixing your own house.

I have been a homeowner since Oct. I was not a handyman. But I am moving in that direction. Things here must be done, and it is my job to do them. I am the man of the house, and while that has its privileges, it also contains its responsibilities.

Most recently was the removal and replacement of the toilet. The previous occupants, by accident or (more likely in this case) on purpose, flushed a 3 inch plastic troll down the second toilet. And so this past week I learned how to remove and disassemble a toilet. I snaked it, and finally reassembled. No leaks, and it flushes! =D

With each task accomplished my confidence for future tasks increases. Sure, I will make my mistakes, and make the problems worse at times, but I am learning and it is enjoyable. Having experienced my dad ordering his furnace off ebay, and finding the manual online, and installing himself, as well as roofing his own house (with no experience), and re-cementing the basement walls, I’m convinced that I too can learn and fix what needs to be fixed.

Google and youtube can solve many problems — information at your fingertips. I look forward to the tasks ahead of me.


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