It has been about two months since I have blogged. It is not that I have had a shortage of thoughts, but that life seems to have gotten so busy. I don’t remember life being so busy as a child. Life had busy moments, but life itself was not so. Now, I am very busy. My “days off” are really just full of different things — errands that have waited all week (or longer) to be finished, repairs that need more than a few minutes in the evenings, or lessons written for the upcoming Sunday. It isn’t bad, just busy.

I have established a more consistent habit for my traveling, and I use my commute home each day to catch up on the events of the world and country via radio. I thought I would share these things as they are often upon my mind anyway.

The end of America as we know it seems close at hand. The deficit for each fiscal year is enormous, and our national debt will have passed our GDP by the end of the year. I was told this morning, that in order to be debt free in 20 years we would need some drastic changes. We would need to cut spending 40%. Then we would need to reallocate an additional 20% to paying off the debt. That means, of our programs and plans, we need to cut 60% of our current budget. Instead, our republican house can’t even pass a bill to cut 22 billion. 90 Republicans, those that claim to be conservatives, voted against it. If we can’t even pass a bill to cut 22 Billion, how are we to cut this year’s deficit of 1.6 Trillion?! That is just our deficit; that doesn’t cut into our current debt. If you don’t pay down your debt, you will go bankrupt. Anyway, my point is not to be depressing, but to see the excitement here.

The Lord is at hand! Sunday night we heard a message about 8 things that needed to happen before Christ could come and they have all happened. The point was not that we should be looking at the things, but that we need to be watching and praying. Look up, because He is coming soon.

The fall of America is one thing that may happen, and, as I was telling some students today, it is possible that America could fall and Christ could delay His coming another 100 years. (Though the signs are all over.) But even if America falls, our God has not changed. He is the same. He is the God who sits in the Heavens and reigns, and laughs at the wicked. He is the God who has adopted us.

I really am looking forward to the next few years. Don’t get me wrong; I love being an American. And I think that at one time I may have been too proud of it. America is great. America might even be the greatest country that has ever lived. I grieve for where our country has gone, and where it is going. I will be saddened to see it fall. I pray for God to grant us mercy and grace to repent and for his long-suffering upon our wickedness.

But America is going to fall too. We don’t see the world end and a New America descending from Heaven. I am a Christian first, and I can rejoice in the Providence that brings these things to pass. I can find hope and peace in the Scriptures.

These things won’t be easy to live through, but if God be for us, who can be against us? Rejoice in the signs you see, and the days to come. The coming of the Lord draweth nigh.


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