IFB — addendum

My last blog covered a lot of information, and I have received varied feedback and responses and my first ever (that I can tell) link to my blog from another. One thing that I was challenged to consider was the following paragraph that I had written.

“Even within the churches I was brought up in, rules were preached and taught. They weren’t in the Scriptures. No pants on women; your music better not have a beat on the off notes; theaters are not right; cards are wrong. These, within a church that was exegetically preaching the Scriptures. All those that were not, had only rules. Further thought along this line might bring many of us personal hurt and discouragement.”

I began the last post explaining how the church and family I grew up in was not like the rest, but then I came to this paragraph and somewhat threw my church and family back into the mix. I was challenged to recall if I knew that I sat under preaching like this or not.

I am certain that those things were never said in my house by my parents. I played cards often, and didn’t know what beat was what. I don’t recall the rules from my house. After more thinking, I recalled the rules from other families that I was close to. I recalled other families having odd ideas. I remember the first time I heard the off-beat-theory, and was shocked that something so objective could be given to the argument. My reasoning had always been what I stated before: principles not rules.

I had meant to make the division between my family and previous churches, and the IFB culture. I think that I achieved that, but blurred the lines when I included this paragraph. This addendum is to remove the haze and show that there was a clear difference in my previous churches, and more especially in my house from those preaching only/mostly rules.


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