Judges and a bleak look towards the future

“If tomorrow all the things were gone,
I’d worked for all my life.
And I had to start again,
with just my children and my wife

I’d thank my God above,
to be livin here today.
‘Cause the flag still stands for freedom,
and they can’t take that away”

Ten years have passed and on that day we, the people of the United States, flooded the churches of this country. We prayed, and sought God as a country — with our lips. Yet, as the tragedy of the past turns into a faded memory for our country, and again we lend lip service, do we truly remember? Do we seek God’s face? Did we ever?

I heard yesterday that statistically, this recession we are going through is the first time (since they started recording) that our country has encountered hardship without turning to God. Church attendance has declined during the past ten. It has not maintained nor grown since that horrible day. Like the days of Israel under the Judges, we have turned from God.

Israel would turn to God when trouble came, as we did ten years ago. Then they would abandon God when that trouble was gone. Each time it took them longer to turn to God again. Consider the things that have happened in our nation since we were founded on Biblical principles, and consider if we are again revealing our hard hearts.

People all around this nation have either heard and/or sung the song I quoted above. “‘Cause the flag still stands for freedom,
and they can’t take that away.”

They have already determined what light bulbs you can or cannot use. They have replaced the toilets with toilets that they think are better. States have made smoking, triple layer chocolate pies, etc. all illegal. This is where our country is, and it isn’t hard to see where it is going. We discern the signs of the sky when the sky is red and lowering, but can we not discern the signs of the times? Can we not look at what is happening with our eyes open instead of buried in the sand?

Our freedom is disappearing. We sing the song that they can’t take it while we willingly give it to them. We abandon our freedom in favor of a token protection. We have given up our right to our personal privacy, and allow ourselves to be publicly shamed in our airports. Where is the outrage? Those in charge knew that the outrage at the implementation of a thing quickly fades into grudging acceptance. No-fly days were scheduled to show the outrage, but those are gone and people fly like normal.

The thing about it is that it is not a political problem. It is a heart problem. It is the problem of sin, and hardness of heart. We have turned against God.

We are not Israel. We have never had promises of God to our nation. We have individual promises of God to us believers. Our nation is promised nothing. God’s people within this nation are dwindling. Elijah was not the last faithful man in Israel, but the 7,000 (about 874 BC) that were there were not enough to prevent the soon conquering of Israel (722 BC). And that was with God’s chosen people. How many righteous remain here, and how many is enough to stay God’s hand of judgment and receive His long-suffering?

Abraham prayed for Sodom and Gomorrah and asked for ten souls for the mercy of those cities. God granted his request, yet there were not ten souls. Are people here even praying for the long-suffering of God, and begging forgiveness for our sins? If we are, have we any hope that indeed there will be found ten righteous?

What of the future? Don’t be afraid of it. God is working as always. Be sorrowful for our country. Weep for our sin. Pray for repentance, and mercy. Pray for judgment against sin. Be excited but recognize that our freedom is dwindling quickly.

My daughter’s generation may not know the country I know. I expect she won’t. It isn’t fear mongering. People are too hopeful to think of what might come. It sounds like fiction to think of curfews, concentration camps, limited movement, and persecution. It sounds like a movie to think of restrictions on food, press, and speech. It could be the next 20 years.

My daughter will have to live in the world my generation has created for her. I’m not proud of what that looks like. People think that removing our current president is the answer. No, it is one quite small piece of the total problem. I pray for but do not anticipate God’s long-suffering. I think we are seeing His judgment in President Obama and I expect we have terrible days ahead.

Ignoring the signs of a hurricane can be devastating. You know its coming and pretend its not and that is bad. But when you never look up and never listen, you will not only be utterly shocked, but caught off guard, angry, and helpless. May God grant strength to his people in times to come.


One thought on “Judges and a bleak look towards the future

  1. Great post David! I look at America and I see the a hedonistic society making their way through this life based on godless presuppositions. Their whole worldview is based on a man-centered understanding. People cry out for more. More money, more power, more stuff, more rights, more things that will assist them in their pursuit of personal peace and affluence. Their hearts are stony an impenetrable w/out the regenerative work of God. Do we blame God? Of course not, God’s sovereignty is no excuse for man’s responsibility to repent and believe. I see the professing church becoming more and more lukewarm. That is a scary place to be! Why? Because I can’t see Christ spewing any of those who are His out of His mouth. Where is the anguish over sin? Where is the striving to be holy? Where is the reckoning that we are dead to sin and alive to God? The LORD has ordained all that will come to pass. He has also set a way for believers to warn those of the things to come if they choose a life that glorifies man instead of their creator. Let us continue to press on for His glory! Again I say, great post David!

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