Walking builds momentum

Walking with God should be our daily aspiration. To be in step with our Creator, Savior, and Friend is a task worthy of our time and devotion. Lately, I have been shocked at the lack of attention I have seen given to the Word of God. To walk with God today we must read the Bible and pray. That is walking; that is communion; that is fellowship.

These things are considered perhaps shallow topics. Everyone knows they need to read their Bible and pray. Perhaps they do. Even so a reminder is necessary to provoke us unto good works, to encourage us to live holy lives. These things are not to be taken lightly. If I forgot to shower this morning, I would not be looked upon pleasantly. But if I forget to read my Bible or spend time with my God, even when people know, it is not seen as a big deal. It is seen as something that can be corrected the next day, and if not then sometime that week. Do we not see our error? When everyone in a class is sitting quietly and working, even the child that does not want to feels out of place when he does not fit the established norm for that class. When we make the established norm to go days or weeks without time with God, and are uplifted in our failure by others who come along and say “I struggle with that all the time myself,” we have created an environment that does not provoke change in us.

To walk with God is not to stumble or to halter. God doesn’t want us to take a baby step (10 minutes with Him) one day and then not talk to Him for another week. That is not walking. We think “Oh, I walked with God today.” Walking is a process, not something that happens in a day. Each day we take a step in line with God or we don’t.

Our Christian culture has convinced us that spending time with God can be reading a verse in the morning, or spending 5-10 minutes with God. How would your relationship with your spouse (or best friend) be if you only spent 5-10 minutes with her each day? Or if some days you talked to her, but didn’t listen? Or other days, you never communicated to her but listened to her speak to you? This is not the making of a strong relationship. It is not the building of a strong friendship.

Abraham was the friend of God. David was a man after God’s own heart. Enoch walked with God. What do we do? We teach infants to crawl and then to walk. We expect them to fall, and to learn over time. How many of us are still doing the same thing in our spiritual lives? God has watched us crawl, and taught us to walk. Sometimes we even run, but then too often we sit there afraid to take that step, or we just stubbornly refuse to take a step.

But when by God’s grace we do take those steps and we begin to actually walk, what a joy that is! To walk with God brings such joy and peace and there is a momentum that comes with that. To those that harden their hearts, God will also harden their hearts. To those that pursue God, God grants their desire that they might thirst after Him more. The more you seek God, the more you want to seek God. It no longer seems a journey to take the simple step, but like David you are running after God.

As the deer pants for the water, so my soul longs for God. This should be our prayer. Praise the Lord I can say that I long for God. Too many times, I have not even wanted to long for God. Too many times, the message would come and I would sit and fear that God might speak to my heart about something. Too many times I have feared conviction and the change that might bring. But, what splendor when I walk with God, and seek His face. What joy fills my life when I place Him on the throne, and not my selfish desires. Oh, that we might walk with God daily!

Walk with God! Build momentum so that you can run and chase after Him with all of your being. Don’t let yourself forget; don’t deceive yourselves into saying it doesn’t matter. Every day matters, and walking with God matters more than anything else you thought you just “had to do” that day.


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