To grow

Oh, were it simple to grow,
Then all would inclined be.
But now very little we see,
For few take the time to sow.

Oh, we’re it simple to grow!
Upward and higher we’d fly,
Our character and spirituality reaching the sky.
But never that easy, no.

Oh, but it is simple to grow!
To walk – read and pray –
Spending time with our God each day.
Gives real victory o’re every foe.

Yes, it is simple to grow.
Here and there a little each day,
God will give grace on the way.
For this, the Bible tells me so.

I will determine to grow.
I will labor for Him in love.
I will keep my eyes fixed above,
Not being distracted here below.

I will determine to grow.
I will speak truth in my fear,
It soon dispelled, for He is always near.
Onward, as a soldier I go.

By His grace I’ll continue to grow.
Even in my final days,
Keeping on Him my gaze,
As I draw near death’s woe.

In eternity, I’ll still grow.
While heavenly hosts sing,
I’ll learn of my God and my King,
As blessings He yet will bestow.


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