A mess?

The world is a mess. But it is not my home. I’m just passing through. My treasures are laid up in Heaven.

When we look horizontally at the mess, at the tragedy, at the disgust, and results of sin, we focus there. Instead, we should look to Christ, our Savior, King, and God. When we look there,
we focus there. It is this awe inspiring view we need to hold.

Consider what happened when people in the Scriptures have seen the Lord? They were immediately refocused to the spiritual. The physical will pass away. It is not meant to last. Sin has caused a curse and will lead to death and the passing of heaven and earth. God’s Word lasts forever. We are spiritual beings with bodies.

The news, the internet, the world focuses on worldly problems because they think this is what matters. Their worldview says this earth is all we have, and these physical bodies are all we have. They will draw our attention the only place they know to look.

We have to be the ones drawing their attention upward. We, as prudent and wise, see what is coming and prepare. But our perspective needs to be different from the world so that what drives them to panic drives us to our Savior. What drives them to despair brings hope as we see God fulfilling His word and bringing this period of sin to a close. What a glorious day it will be when we don’t have this sin anymore!

So, don’t think about the mess. Consider the future and our Lord. Things are looking up.


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