When we are ignorant, either mentally or experientially, of who God is we begin to believe and act like our God can be placed in a box.

Sometimes this is due to lack of learning or false teaching. A new believer may not know God in the way an older believer does. Or some false teaching gets mingled into the Truth and leads to misunderstanding God.

Sometimes we know in our minds who our God is, but we don’t act like it for lack of walking with Him. We treat Him like a genie in a bottle. We treat Him like he is angry with us, His children, as if we were the wicked. We treat Him as if He is only a ticket from Hell and not a real live person who desires a relationship.

When we place God in our box, we have severely hampered and deceived ourselves. Not only have we offended a holy God, but removed any possibility of living a life of joy or contentment. Christ says that without Him you can do nothing. That is not a God that can be put in a box. That is a Savior that is necessary to all of life. We deceive ourselves when we think that we are in any way continuing in this very moment without His breath.

Our box does not determine our God, but rather determines our perception of God. God is. He has shown us glimpses of Himself in His word. He has opened our eyes at points and to extents to know Him. God is not constrained by our box. The only thing that constrains God is God. He wills to do of hIs good pleasure. He acts of Himself. He does of Himself. Can I say it any other way? Our box does not determine our God; nothing outside of God determines our God. God is Himself. That is redundant. God is.

Learn who God is. Because He doesn’t change, and when this God who is, is known of us, there is no box that can hold Him.

That is a God worth serving. That is a God worth knowing.


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