What does God want from you?

God wants you to be open to Him. Very simply that is it. God’s will isn’t often complicated. He wants you to be open.

I work at Chick-Fil-A. I know this is where God put me right now in my life. I also think it is where God will have me for some time to come. But if God changes that tomorrow, then I need to be open to that. God’s will isn’t for me to be stuck in what I perceive His will to be. It is a daily walk. Even though I don’t see the sharp turn on this road we are walking, when He turns I need to be in-step with Him so I turn too.

People ask me about the future. Only God knows. Sometimes, I feel He gives me a sense of what it is. Other times, I don’t know. That isn’t the point though. Sometimes I tell my children where we are going. Sometimes I do not. There are a wide variety of reasons I do this. Maybe their anticipation will remove them from focusing on the present. Maybe their excitement will cause their current responsibility to be neglected. Maybe they just don’t understand the passing of time in the way that I do and so will become discouraged thinking I have lied or that I can’t bring it to pass.

In this analogy, I see myself as the three-year old in my relationship with God. All the misunderstandings and points of ignorance within my children I possess within myself. Certainly I trust Him and as we walk together, He tells me to told His hand. Like my children, sometimes I do hold His hand and walk in-step with Him. Other times I’m trying to pull Him this way or that or I’m running every which way around Him. Sometimes I even break free and run on my own until I recognize I’m lost without Him and run back to Him.

The idea is that we walk with Him. That we trust Him. We can’t be open to someone’s leading that we don’t trust. We must trust He has our best in mind, He knows us, He loves us, He cares for us, and we will be happiest when we follow Him. Then we will be in His will. We will hold His hand and walk side by side with Him. And we will trust Him with any turns or deviations.

And that is what God wants from us. Trust and to walk with Him.


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