What God is doing

At my work meetings each week we begin with a section titled “what God is doing.” This is usually presented by one person, asked before hand to share something. But I’m a literal person, and without the added modifier of “in your life” I find myself considering this question with a very broad scope.

God is saving souls. He is maintaining the heavens and the earth. He is holding our lives in His hand. He is watching everything that takes place and is currently and at all moments present with us. He is laughing at the wicked. He is sorrowing over sin. He reigning omnipotent. He is giving grace. He is bestowing mercy. He is answering prayer. He is judging sin. He is restraining evil and the devil. He is convicting of sin. He is opening eyes. He is growing believers. He is loving His own. He is forgiving sin. He is pardoning iniquity. He is seeing us with Christ’s righteousness. He is holding us in His hand. He is healing the sick. He is teaching the church. He interceding for me.

God is busy. But never too busy for me, and you. God is a personal God. While God is doing all these things, He cares for you (and me). It is one of the most simple yet powerful truths. God cares for you. Consider that this Lord’s day. It can encourage your heart and bring your soul to worship.

“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” 1 Peter 5:7


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