Pitfall of winning

Today in class we talked about having a Biblical Worldview in regards to politics. In light of recent events – Trump winning a Republican primary in what is considered to be a known conservative Christian state – it is incumbent upon us to consider our worldview in regards to political views.

Not to rehash the entire discussion, some of the highlights are below:

1. We must talk, post, think, vote, and pray with the mind of God.

2. We must not align ourselves as children of God with a child of the Devil.

3. We must spend ourselves in prayer for our country. We pray not that God would be unjust but that He would continue his longsuffering and mercy towards us in postponing the judgment we deserve and that is coming.

The question was posed, which I have heard before and is a good question and worthy of discussion. It is a question I heard four years ago and even in another discussion early this morning. To summarize: Isn’t it better to have Trump than to have Hillary?

To answer, I ask another. Is one child of the Devil better than another? And here is where I think we misunderstand the true conflict. Every four years we have a battle but it is not between two parties. God does not win if Republicans win. And God does not lose if Republicans lose. Having the “lesser of two evils” is not God’s idea. Evil is counter God.

I’ve encountered many who believe this way, and I’m not set to change minds today but to challenge a problematic mindset that leads to that view. Perhaps this isn’t where your mindset stems, but for some I believe it can be found here.

Trump beating Hillary is not a win for God, for Christians, for conservatives, or even Americans who desire greatness. There is no win. It is a true lose-lose situation. But when we align ourselves on one side, we want that side to win. We need to be careful how we align ourselves. We may be registered as Republican but we must be Christian first. A republican win does not mean I win.

What of us then? Do we look for a win because we don’t like to lose or do we desire righteousness because God is holy? They don’t go together. One is a trick of the Devil. The other is the mind of God. I pray for God to grant a righteous person to lead our nation.


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