The simple truth…

I work in the Quick Service (read fast food) industry. Some years ago I heard it was one of the top ten most stressful industries in the US. We work hard and push for excellence in all we do at our restaurant.

Yet, what we do is not hard. Putting two pickles and a piece of chicken on a bun is not difficult. Now, for some guests that piece of chicken had been through the hands of ten of our team members – from truck delivery to bag handed to guest. None of the steps difficult, and yet the entire process not simplistic. Life with Christ is not unlike this job. Multiple steps that are simple resulting in an amazing experience.

The simple truth is that the Truth is simple. God is incomprehensible, yet what He asks is not really difficult. How easy was it for Naaman to dip in the Jordan! Summarized in short commands or precepts continually throughout the Word, God lays it out for us.

Fear Him and keep his commandments.

Love God and your neighbor as yourself.

Be Holy.

Give glory to God.

The just shall live by faith.

It is simple. The simplicity of the Gospel is underestimated and misunderstood. And the life we live should not be made more complicated.

I was posed a question this week. In reality the essence of the question was this: if the goal we are pursuing for the accomplishing of good cannot be obtained, should we join with and promote others whose morality is absent in order to have a hope of doing some future good?

I mean, read the question again. Does that sound even remotely simple? Don’t we as people complicate matters too often.

Paul keeps it simple in Romans 3:5-10. Asking the rhetorical question, should we do evil that good may come? In our words, do the ends justify the means? The answer of course is, “No.”

Life isn’t complicated. We don’t like that. We want an answer that more easily permits our desires. We muddle the water around a simple truth. We look for Gray area when the line is precise as can be.

That is pharisaical. You see, the Mosaic Law was “black and white” in stone and inflexible. The Pharisees bent and manipulated the law by adding tradition in order to accomplish their own goals. We don’t want to hear the simple answer because we don’t like it. We’d rather twist and complicate the matter to add exceptions and caveats so that there are all these subcategories and pretend it’s all gray. It really isn’t.

God wants us to do right. Pursue Him. Glorify Him. Be Holy. Consequences are in the hands of God. Do right. Every step and every move, every thought and every action – do right.

The simple truth is that the Truth is simple and we just don’t like it.


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