Month 1

Last month I posted a new page on my site. I have reached the end of April and discovered many things.

1. Some of the goals I have set are more of a mindset and determination while others are an extensive time commitment. 

2. Creating multiple goals that require an extensive time commitment is creating a greater challenge – the total is greater work than the sum of the parts. I refer specifically to my business and marathon goals. Both require an extreme amount of dedication. I already feel that my inclination is towards business as running is more difficult. Both require time, some of it is harder spent and the other more enjoyable.

3. The more minor goals, small Spanish sections, blogging, etc, are easier and more of a slight annoyance on the path towards the others. 

4. My goal of 9% body fat after 3 months was ignorant. I have never technically measured and assumed incorrect any approximate measurements I’ve obtained. For whatever reason I dwelled in naive-land. That goal is impractical I’ve found. (Doing a search of body fat percentage pictures, will give estimates and I far far too high.) Realistically with full time work on this goal, it may be possible to lose almost 1% a week. I’m estimating myself in mid-twenties. Knowing my schedule and everything else I’m devoting myself to I’m moving my goal to the end of nine months. As this is slightly before Christmas, I recognize that if I don’t hit it by mid Dec, then I probably won’t till end of last quarter.

5. My financial goal of $10 was designed to get me moving. I tend to research as much as I can. Too much learning is weariness. April is over, but my even smaller goal I gave myself in this area for April was not achieved due to the time being spent on research. Acting is always hard. I must act this month or find myself unable to follow through.

6. I began continually reminding myself of my goals. As I continued I didn’t for I recalled most of them. This allowed the goal of verse memory to be forgotten for almost the entire month. So, I’m behind. I must focus to achieve this.

7. Many of my goals work in conjunction with each other. If I run like I need to to accomplish a marathon I will be achieving a high volume of cardio needed for the body fat percentage. If I continue to run longer distances, it will continue to give me increased time to spend in prayer. I’ve found this truth before in my life – as I bring areas into discipline, others almost always fall inline also.

8. I will be pleased and count myself very blessed if I God permits me to accomplish 80% of my goals. I have aimed high I feel but also within reach. I’m excite to see what happens this month.