Praise the Lord

My family has just gone through a story worth telling. It is a story that has been powerful in our lives and for us should be shared. We see this pattern through Scripture when we see the testimony of the historical books. We see the instruction to Israel to continue to do these things to pass on the goodness of the Lord. Finally, christians in the church are to recount the blessings of the Lord as well as recall them. So in order to follow wisdom and glorify the Lord I will boast in Him and what He has done.

This story goes back two years. When my wife was pregnant with our twins, I had a low-ish paying job and we were running out of time on our lease. Due to circumstances (of another story) we were looking for a place to live.

We couldn’t find anything. We stayed in a friend’s house as she went out of town for a month. We moved in to family’s house where we brought the twins from the hospital. We struggled through a continuously delayed closing process to buy a house we didn’t really want per se but would fit for a short time. We feared getting stuck but felt it was the best thing to do.

About a year later we meet with an agent to try to sell. She tells us we aren’t likely to make any money and breaking even could be hard too.

A few months later we decided that we believed God had something else for us. We had been following him, living right, and praying. We figured God could and prayed He would say no if He wanted and so we met another agent to get our house on the market. We had an offer in three days, the negotiating done in a week, and we were under contract in 10. A quick answer to prayer!!

We began the process of planning. My wife wisely decided not to pack and live out of boxes early since we had about two months. But we did start looking for houses – and found nothing. We looked daily on multiple apps and sites. Still nothing. Oddly, we rarely even received return calls/emails/texts. It got closer and closer.

(And while the glory of God might be seen regardless of these further details, these are the things that we have seen to grow us and our faith.

We were looking within a certain price range, because all landlords were requiring us to verify three times the rent. This lead us to finding nothing.

Then, out of no where, a friend got my sister-in-law a job. She was living with us and so now her income counted regardless of if our budget needed it, It counted.

We began to look and had an application on one we wanted. The process here took quite a long time and lead to further disappointment. While we waited through this process, the temp agency that hired my sister-in-law got released from their contract and that verifiable income was gone. We now had a week left.

We were turned down on that application, and were left with no options.)

As I began the story you read we had already lived with others and been in their houses. We had some offers, from family and friends to do that again. But who wants to do that? However this time it was less of a “who wants that?” and an impracticality. We went from 4 people living with another family to 7.

Further, my wife is planning to leave for India on her first missions trip in just 2 weeks. We have no place to live, a life changing trip just ahead, and 4 kids six and under.

God worked it out to so we could extend our closing date by one week. One more week.

The reality is, I pause here, that God gave more grace and faith to us during this time. We were, by His Grace, able to maintain a hope in Him. We were both able to truly rely on Him and, just as important, to be content with whatever end He had for us. In all the trials of our eight years, God allowed in this one that we would be able to be victorious through it.

We saw ourselves at the red sea. We saw ourselves at the fiery furnace. We were ready to move forward – we didn’t stagnate in fear, we didn’t try to return to Egypt, we didn’t settle for something God dis not have for us. We were ready to move in with friends and trust that if it was so, we would still trust in God.

(The advice and comments from others varied greatly. However, even in this we found ourselves praying for God’s glory to be manifest to these others because He already showed it to us in this. Those that doubted God could. Those hesitant to say God would – understandably so. [No one can predict God, but so should none judge God or a person by the outcome. Nebuchadnezzar would have said they were fools had they died. He still would have been wrong.])

Saturday arrives. We were waiting for the final answer on a house we were praying for. I had called earlier that morning and was told we would know by that afternoon. We waited and waited. 5:30, Kaylynn leaves to go celebrate a birthday with a friend and we conclude that we will put our stuff in storage. Ten minutes later I get a text:

“You have been selected and approved.”

A short little text and God opened the door. We signed papers after class Sunday morning. We packed the truck late Sunday night. We unloaded Monday morning. Tuesday the water was turned on and we were home.

Today we sold our house.

God is good and does what pleases Him. We tell our kids that. We told them God is the one who takes care of us abd who will give us a house. We heard our eldest pray “God, I know you have just the right house for us.” It is amazing to see Him answer for us and for our kids and for everyone else. That is why we share this story – because He is great and greatly to be praised!

Praise Him for his goodness!


Update 1.2

Two months have passed. I am now in the final stretch for accomplishing my first tier of goals, and I’m still learning things about myself.

I like to complete things rather than stretch multiple things out. For example, the time I have for memory and reading the NT is shared. So instead of alternating, I found it easier for me to read the NT and now I’m into the memorizing. The downside of course, is that this gives me less time to gauge on the latter goal and less time to reorganize time slots to accomplish if necessary.

I had further broken my goals down into sections to be completed each month. I’m glad I didn’t post these as I believe the smaller pieces need to be more flexible. I have not completed all of these, though I have completed some. Nevertheless, I feel confident of hitting most of my goals by the end of this month. Discipline must continue and so must the consistent reminder, but we shall see in a month’s time.

The language work is enjoyable. The app I’m using works well with this style of goal, though because I’m getting less structure I’m feeling I not excelling as I could. I may end up supplementing the app just to deepen my understanding.

I’m looking forward to my memory work. I’m curious to see how my mind retains now, and also to dig into the book of 1 Timothy. I recall my studying it during Bible quizzing but don’t recall much of the text so am excited to get back into it.

My elbows are getting stronger but the break from everything else to strengthen them has left me feeling weak. I’m quite anxious to dig into my other exercise routine though I recognize the time commitment on the physical goals is about to jump drastically.

I feel there is a good deal of ignorant chance as to whether I will make $10 by the end of this month. Ignorant because I’m learning and trying and am sure I don’t know exactly what I’m doing with some of it.

Well, I’m off to learn some more animals in Spanish. 
Until next time.