Update 1.2

Two months have passed. I am now in the final stretch for accomplishing my first tier of goals, and I’m still learning things about myself.

I like to complete things rather than stretch multiple things out. For example, the time I have for memory and reading the NT is shared. So instead of alternating, I found it easier for me to read the NT and now I’m into the memorizing. The downside of course, is that this gives me less time to gauge on the latter goal and less time to reorganize time slots to accomplish if necessary.

I had further broken my goals down into sections to be completed each month. I’m glad I didn’t post these as I believe the smaller pieces need to be more flexible. I have not completed all of these, though I have completed some. Nevertheless, I feel confident of hitting most of my goals by the end of this month. Discipline must continue and so must the consistent reminder, but we shall see in a month’s time.

The language work is enjoyable. The app I’m using works well with this style of goal, though because I’m getting less structure I’m feeling I not excelling as I could. I may end up supplementing the app just to deepen my understanding.

I’m looking forward to my memory work. I’m curious to see how my mind retains now, and also to dig into the book of 1 Timothy. I recall my studying it during Bible quizzing but don’t recall much of the text so am excited to get back into it.

My elbows are getting stronger but the break from everything else to strengthen them has left me feeling weak. I’m quite anxious to dig into my other exercise routine though I recognize the time commitment on the physical goals is about to jump drastically.

I feel there is a good deal of ignorant chance as to whether I will make $10 by the end of this month. Ignorant because I’m learning and trying and am sure I don’t know exactly what I’m doing with some of it.

Well, I’m off to learn some more animals in Spanish. 
Until next time.


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