Update 1.3

I have completed the first quarter as of last month’s end, and need to provide an update and recap.

Physical goals: recover elbow, run 13.1, and 9% body fat. I already posted how I moved 9% fat to a future goal due to it being unrealistic based on my ignorance, so I’m not counting that one. I did in fact recover my elbows. I did not achieve my run. My family packed, then postponed, then closed and moved all in the end of the month when it was planned for earlier. End result I did not complete that goal, though I feel physically I was capable. 1/2

Mental goals: read two books, blog three times, duolingo section 1. Completed all the above. The second book took much longer than anticipated, but I made it. 3/3

Financial goals: earn $10 through online business. I did not accomplish this. I am not sure where I’ll end up on these. I have not prioritized it at all and have found my time limited to such an extent that I’m honestly not sure where this one will go. 0/1

Spiritual: memorize chapter, pass out 30 tracts, read NT, pray each day for 15. In that order, I did accomplish the memorizing. I decided to go with 1 Timothy for this year and finished the first chapter.mi have a good app called Remember Me. It hits all the things I’m aware that our brain requires for good memory work. I did not pass out 30 tracts. I was woefully short. I started strong but had an incident where my stash of tracts got wet and never got back on track. With the prayer, I have decided that this goal is not well suited for this type of thing. It is hard to gauge a relationship on 15min a day for certain. I don’t want to be timing myself per say and I started low purposefully to build up. Further, if I missed a day  at that time limit or in that fragment of the day, does that mean the goal was a failure even if my relationship with the Lord stays strong? I’m evaluating the best way to continue this goal for recorded purposes. Personally, my goal is still an hour, though I’m currently working at closer to 30-45 minutes of set apart time. 2/3
Total 6/9 = 67%. Meh. First quarter down. I have found I’m often using my time better when i have smaller increments. Instead of more surfing or news reading I’m working on language or a book or a memory chapter. So that’s good. The feeling of a deadline is more consistent now, which isn’t a good feeling but I’m doing better about channeling it into productivity. All in all, I am encouraged with where I am yet I recognize that a 67% is too low and needs to be better.


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