Six month goal update

I have not done as well these past three months. What I’ve learned this segment is that when you set goals that require more consistency, it becomes exponentially more difficult.

My physical goals were actually pretty modest for where I have been and could be, yet my percentage with those is extremely low. I did not achieve 10 pull-ups, nor 10 handstand push-ups, nor 1 minute frog stand (think 47sec was closest I got). I have picked the marathon I was going to sign up for and need to finish that before the day ends here but my other goals’ results are scaring me that I might not follow through enough.

My mental goals are all accomplished. I have set time for reading. Memorizing and language replaced most my facebook/news time- which has worked out fine. 

Financial goals did not work out with the published one. I did have one unpublished goal for the end of the next three months which I have achieved. That was exciting.

Spiritual goals I have completed except for the passing out of tracts again. Another habit I have not created, and so have no plan for success on that one.

My total for this segment was 6/11 or 55%.

Interesting that I hit 6 each time. Hmmm.

Total so far is 12/20 or 60%


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