Why I want Trump to win (click bait)

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This is not a post about my political leanings, my reasons for my conclusions, etc.

Instead, this is me explaining why I (and I think others, at least partly whether they admit it or not) want Trump to win.

I grew up in a conservative Christian home. As with many things with kids, I was a republican before I knew why or cared. Like I grew up a duel fan of the Lions and Vikings with an extreme dislike for the Packers, so I was a Republican. 

With all the political rhetoric abounding today, there are discussions happening everywhere. Often at work we will find ourselves discussing one aspect or another. And in these discussions I begin to feel something – I want Trump to win. 

Now, without the reasons why, I’ll state what those that know me already know. I won’t vote for Trump and I won’t vote for Hillary. I feel giving my support in the form of a vote would be wrong – certainly for me and I might argue for others as well. My next post will get into the why. (It’s been a while since I wrote a political blog :))

Earlier, I used the sports analogy purposefully. Many love their team. Whatever their team is and for whatever reason, they love their team. It is this love of team that for me generally evokes a feeling that I want Trump to beat Hillary – though I don’t want either one, cannot lend my one precious vote to either one, and why I find it incredible when one  says that “__________ will destroy America.” 
An early grounded love of team is a strong thing. It brings belonging and attachment. The stronger it is imparted the greater the tie. My wife grew up a Packer fan. Her family lived sports and the Packers were a primary focus of that. It didn’t matter that I came along on my white horse and rescued her. It didn’t matter that I have an extreme dislike for the Packers (in a Viking and Lion house one thing is certain – no one likes the Packers). In the end she loves the Packers and so our children are now cheering for them too.

I don’t love the Republican Party. I am not even a republican. I am a libertarian in republican form. I dislike the two party system and only align myself to convert the GOP to something better – I’m a puritan not a separatist, in this case. My parents weren’t die hard republicans. It wasn’t something I was indoctrinated in. It was just something I was.

But the reality is, the feeling comes. And I ask myself, “Why? Why do I feel this way of someone I have spoken openly against, feel is a wicked choice, and would not vote for?” The answer, for me, is relatively simple now that it is discovered. I’m used to being a republican and I want my side to win.

This is a horrible reason to vote one way or to justify a vote. 

I don’t want either of the candidates. I believe they are both the “wicked ruler” the Bible speaks of. But anyway, that’s why I find myself wanting Trump to win – because I’ve been conditioned (in the way many have without intentionality or blame) that way.