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Not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary.





Just kidding. That’s not true.

If you read my last post on why I wanted Trump to win, you know I don’t like either of the candidates.
But let’s forget that part and take a Biblical approach to this…have you heard that one yet? I mean, seriously, haven’t we all heard all of it and both sides from a million different real life friends and facebook friends? How many times have we seen people that “don’t normally post about this” post about politics with that disclaimer? How many people have gotten so fed up they must now say something? 

I mean, here I am blogging about it now! For real. I can’t even. (My favorite site on the whole internet, btw)

So, why am I blogging about this? It’s because this is a medium Gods given me to use. There are things being said and others not being said well. And this particular approach is not one I’ve seen often if at all. (Kinda scary posting “new” perspective)

I have considered approaching this post from so many angles it has taken me months to write it. But here we are. 6 days away, unless you’ve already voted and then, how about that. You can all feel good or guilty right now!

I feel I am a balanced person when it comes to weighing things. I’m not stubborn, but willing to weigh and discern. I have listened to people solely for who they were, and others solely because they wanted me to. I have done reading requested by others and have given my best towards understand where they are coming from.

I work not towards a winning argument but an apologetic. I am the one on the outskirts. I am the one not mainstream. Therefore, I will defend my position to the best of my ability. 

A priority in this, in both my mindset and words, is that we must not allow this issue to divide the body of Christ. Paul asks the Corinthians if Christ is divided, and that was over spiritual leaders – not two wicked people. 

(Both Trump and Hillary are wicked people, bad choices for president, a disgrace to our nation, a blight in our future with great potential to destroy all we hold to be dear in America. This is pretty much agreed upon all around, even those voting for both sides – and if it isn’t you are ignoring the obvious.)

This issue should not divide us. We are to have a bond of peace. We are to pursue unity. We are to be known by our love for the brethren. None of these things are put on hold for election year or election results. This is not an issue where you can discern another’s heart like God sees it. With many (do a google search) people of repute within conservative Envangelicalism saying different things, we need to be bakery careful how we draw our lines of judgment based on a political matter. That is a focal point on my mind.

How to approach this topic has been a wrestling point though. I have recently spoken with some people very close to me on this issue. These are people I haven’t engaged with on these topics in probably four years – last presidential election. They have presented me with less flawed logic or straw men then others, and pointed out a question of considerable consistency to me. 

Then I held a conversation with someone with many years of voting. And the statement made was, “I can’t ever recall the Bible being a factor in the voting.” It was made regarding whether or not our candidates are Christian or whether or not they seem to truly follow the Lord. It was made saying the Bible was not talked about at election time. To paraphrase: We voted for the person who would do a good job, protect our freedom, and keep us safe.

And I said “aha!” … in my mind. I stood speechless for a bit.

And that is the angle I will take.

We, as Christians, claim to follow the Bibke in everything. We believe we should. We believe it pertains to all things. It is profitable and therefore necessary. I’m not going to try to give a summary of Bibliology here.

When it comes to this issue, the Bible plainly talks about government. We don’t have to argue really about our responsibility as citizens within our government. If I have a responsibility to be a good citizen who cares for and seeks the welfare of my nation there are things I will do.

What I don’t have in Scripture are two things:

1. A Biblical reason I should give my vote to either Trump or Hillary – specifically, why should I vote for Trump, from Bible?

2. A Biblical reason I should not vote for Trump from Bible?

All answers I’ve had thus far speak subjectively. That is, no one can tell me from Scripture that I should vote for Trump. Voting is itself an undefined variable from Scripture. Must I vote to be a good citizen? Scripture doesn’t say, but we’ve been preaching it for generations. Is a vote for a person, a ticket, policies, a party, a platform? Depending on the answer the different people get very different results on what they l, having sought the Lord and counsel, will do in this election. Some will not vote. Some will not vote for Trump but write-in a name. Others will vote without peace for Trump because he’s better than Hillary. Others will vote excitedly for Trump.

As a citizen seeking my nations well-being, I know people in all boats. I know those voting for Trump with excitement.

I know those voting for Trump with reservations – hoping he does more good for freedom and life than the other candidates and at the very least doesn’t do as much damage as we anticipate Clinton doing.

I know those who will not vote – they believe their voice as citizen is important but they do not believe they should give it to someone who cannot and will not fulfill those requirements. In their mind it is right to not vote.

Finally, you have people similar to the above group who will write in a name. Some will to provide testimony and not offend others. Some will because they think it best affects the political process in a macro view though they understand it is efectively a nonvote anyway.

And I’m ok with all those views and perspectives. I don’t think any are right more so than others. I’m not here to tell you how to vote before God. I’m here to love the brethren and seek the Lord. If we are seeking the unity of the Spirit and the bond of peace then we are on the right track. I think these other options are just options.


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