No words

Sometimes there are no words, (to aid in any sense.)

Sometimes there are only tears, (to pour out our soul.)

Sometimes there are only feelings, (and we wish ourselves numb.)

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense, (our minds struggle for reason.)

Sometimes the sense doesn’t help, (for we are just mortal man.)

Sometimes we cry out, (how can anyone refrain?)

Sometimes we sit in silence, (we sit, oh, so very empty.)

“Weep with those that weep.”

In memory of Nick Benigni – godly man, husband, father, missionary, entrepreneur, and friend.



As the year comes to a close, there is much we can talk about. But the question that has been driving me (in different variations of wording) is, “Why not do it?” The question is not, “why?”

There are two types of people: those who do and those who do not. Unfortunately, I’d say the latter is the larger group. Doers take chances, step out, face failure, fall again and again, push the envelope, and think outside the box. Those who don’t, don’t. They pursue the status quo. They are afraid of failure and will not push themselves beyond their boundaries. Often, our boundaries are self imposed more than anything else. 

I have a friend who once worked full time as a construction worker, then cleaned parking lots overnight sleeping briefly in each lot before going back home to get his construction gear again and go back to work. How many would make that sacrifice?

I have another friend who worked 80-120 hour weeks over and over to support his family – doing road construction. It wasn’t like he was sitting in AC at a desk. He was working hard – harder than most people I know would even be able to imagine. I’ve been in the food industry for some years now and many of these “kids” are what might be referred to as “girly men.” They don’t know how to work hard or what that means. 

And the list goes on of those that did – you could google search startups, businesses that started in garages, etc. Those who do, create. They push limits. They excel. They drive innovation and advancement. Those who are willing to fall so they can get back up. If you see where you want to go, you will probably fall quite a bit on the way there, but you will get there if you keep moving forward. As soon as you stop, well, you stop. You are no longer a doer.

Yes, I get it. There is fear. There is the unknown. There is pain and loss each time there is failure/falling. But isn’t that the way of life? It is with pain and travail that a child is born. The time, the process, the labor all have a natural outcome – a child. Starting a business, pursuing a degree, working for the promotion, making the pitch, pursuing your passion – none of them are supposed to be easy. Instead, they should require work (some more than others).

Proverbs 24:16 [16] For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief.

Go be a doer. Don’t wait for next year. Do it now.